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The Hotel restaurant le Bellevue at La Bouille, next to Rouen and the Grand Couronne

A Logis Hotel in Normandy
Next to the harbour zones of Rouen and Grand Couronne, this Logis Hotel, accessible from the A 13 in 5 min is an ideal halt for your professional trips to Normandy. It is also a favoured place to discover the treasures of Normandy, an area rich in historical, cultural and natural heritage.

A stay in Normandy
With a label Normandy Quality Tourism, the hotel Bellevue is a stage of charm for going out to discover the tourist attractions of the region Normandie :
- Old Rouen with its cathedral and its medieval half-timbered houses.
- The Abbey of St Martin de Boscherville
- The Abbey of Jumiège
- The Abbey of Saint-Wandrille
​- The natural reserve of the meanders of the Seine and the forest of Brotonne
- The villages on the banks of the Seine : Caudebac en Caux, Villequier dear to Victor Hugo
- The gardens of Giverny where Monet painted the Nympheas
-The castle of Robert the Devil​

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